Friday, June 3, 2011

Warning: Graphic Knitting Content

I was all set to talk about the blocking process for my long-awaited Camden, in preparation for a wearable FO. Was in the process of tracking down a documentary to listen to whilst pinning and measuring. And then. There are pictures below. Look only if you're strong of will and stomach. Seriously, it's horrific. I showed one of my roommates (none of whom knit), and he responded with more anger than I've heard him use in awhile "Was it my cat?" Which it might have been, but as I said, two years without touching the sweater, it could've been anyone. Anything. My money is on the mice that got into the Aeolian (as I mentioned previously.) I'm glad "they" chose the sweater, towards that extent. I can deal with this. But the fact that even my roommate gets how bad this is should give you an idea of how bad it is.

But to derail a moment, if only to bump the pictures down far enough that you can avoid them if you would prefer to: I went to the dentist yesterday. I got a temporary crown, post root-canal. They cut my tongue. In addition to my tongue feeling weird and a little sore, things taste funny today. I ate a cookie, of the kind that I know are really bad for me, but they just taste so good. And it was awful. I ate only half, because it tasted so strange. If it were at all intentional, or desirable, this tooth issue I've been having would be a great diet. But I'm pretty skinny as it is (and about to move to Asia where, from previous experience, I'll probably drop 15 lbs. within the first month anyways.) So once flavors return to normal, I can return to regaining the weight I lost when my tooth started hurting in the first place. I realize this is all so exciting. So now, without further ado:

Both sleeves, right in the middle. Of course. And over easily about 20 rows each of unsalvagable yarn. But here's the kicker: I bought the yarn in Dongdaemun. In Seoul. In a pack of 10 balls. Ravelry suggests that it is Michell Suri Alpaca, which I can't link to because I can't find anything that directs to that company. So here's the plan: I'm going to rip past the carnage first, saving as much of the yarn as I can. I have probably a ball's worth of yarn that was set aside after the sweater was all knitted up for the sewing part of the finishing. Hopefully that's enough to fix this. If not, the body of the sweater somehow remains unscathed: Worst case scenario, I have a very warm sweater t-shirt. I'll keep you posted.

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