Friday, June 10, 2011

Too Hot to Spin?

The consistent trick with summer crafting is finding the right project to not make the heat of the summer worse. You don't want to work on a giant woolen sweater (like I am) when it's over 90 degrees F. You don't want to bring that light silk project to the pool. And I haven't been doing this very long, but I'm pretty sure it's a bad idea to spin with sweaty hands. Which is really just me trying to make an excuse for why I haven't crossed "Spin a Tuft" off my to-do list in a few weeks. It rained, so it's a little more humid but a lot more cool than it typically is. So this would be the ideal time to spin, right? So I went to take a picture of what I want to work on today. I realize that the technical term may not be tuft, but this little spiral that my roommate's cat is eying is the amount I want to convert into what will eventually be my first attempt at plying.

I decided I wanted to take a picture of the yarn, and went upstairs to where the light is better and there's something white I can take the picture against. And Trevor was sleeping on the blanket, so I had to wake him up. Then I realized the color wasn't too far off from his fur, which is all sorts of adorable. So he gets his blog debut. For anyone who's curious, he's named after the main...male character (I wouldn't call him villain or protagonist, he just is) of Aeon Flux.

Apparently, outside of some light patting, he wanted to sleep more than look in awe at my yarn. That's fair. He's been pretty good about leaving my yarn alone--with one exception, but it was yarn leftover from a completed project, so not too bad.

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