Monday, June 13, 2011

Lazy Sundays

I think I need to actually, physically write out my weekly goals, rather than just typing them up here. The physical act of crossing them out is important, apparently, as otherwise things simply do not get done.

Yesterday, while not generally an exciting day, was a good one. My dear boyfriend has a group he goes to every other Sunday, where "they" bring in about 5-10 pages of the books "they" are writing, critique them, get and give feedback. The group meets at ye olde local coffee shop, so I frequently will bring whatever I'm working on, set up shop, and try to get something done whilst "they" do their thing. I tried to get some writing done on my lit. review. Really, I did. Right now, I feel like I need to scrap what I do have and start over. Also organize my research in some fashion, so I can break different bits of research into different sections. (The reason I put "they" in quotes is because in reading over some of what I want to reuse for my lit. review, I found that I can be fairly vague with the subject of sentences--I've had professors point this out. I'm trying to keep an eye on this problem with the thesis.)

After the group, we went over to the house of a couple of our friends (one of whom is also in the writer's group) and played Cornhole for a few hours because it was nice out. I promise the link is safe. I think I won a game and lost a game. Like I said, not a very exciting day. But when most days are spent reading lots of books at home, being outside is an event in itself. To try to spice this post up a little, I leave you with some nudity. This is the statue I had to walk past in Seoul to get to my busstop to head to school. This picture was taken probably 5 months into my stay, and I didn't really notice it until a week before I took the picture. That's how oblivious I can be. Any art majors have any clue what this is meant to represent?

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