Thursday, June 16, 2011

One FO, no waiting

My little sister graduated a month ago--almost to the day--from college, with a BA in Social Studies Education (History). For her graduation gift, I decided about the middle of April that I would make her a cardigan. Specifically, the well-known and oft-made (currently 10980 on Ravelry) February Lady sweater. Dear sweet boyfriend and I went up to Fort Collins (I despise Fort Collins) to meet with my family and watch her graduate and whatnot, and I gave her the cardigan. I also gave my grandmother the shawl I made her, Jared from Brooklyn Tweed's Juneberry Triangle. Finally, this past weekend, I was able to take a few pictures of the Julie Lady sweater:

Julie is also working on getting a job for teaching in Korea, as I think I've mentioned here a few times. So a good solid (warm) cardigan to throw on during the winter over there will likely be helpful.

In other knitting news (that word looks wrong to me), I have remade one sleeve from the Camden disaster, and have started the second. Given that it's my only current brainless knitting, I get a fair amount done whilst researching for the thesis. The first sleeve took one full ball (of which I had about 3 1/2) and a little bit of a second, so I almost definitely have enough yarn for both sleeves and seaming. Yay! The body is blocked, so I may try to seam it up today. However, a friend is borrowing my camera for a few days, so there will be no pictures until I get it back.

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