Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another week, another list of plans

Last week, I had this list, and this is what got done (I don't know how to do the nifty crossing-out thing people do with lists and posts, so blue is completed.)
  • read Peter Pan
  • read Through the Looking Glass
  • read The Wizard of Oz
  • acquire and read Ozma of Oz
  • read at least three printed articles (but preferably everything printed)
  • write lit. review stuff for all articles (re)read
  • find articles about bildungsroman and women/girls (I was told very briefly in a class years ago that novels about girls cannot be considered a bildungsroman or coming-of-age/development novel. The intent of the genre is an escape from family and home. Girl's novels are about the submission to the family and home. Now I need to see if someone actually made this argument somewhere.)
  • spin a tuft
  • make at least 4 more coffee sleeves
  • check with Korea about documents by the end of the week, if not heard back
  • get boyfriend measured for tuxedo (for the wedding I made the shawl for)
  • buy yarn for a yoga bag for one friend, and appropriately sized needles for various upcoming projectsLink
  • block and maybe actually complete one day Camden
Some of those solved themselves, such as checking with Korea. I'm not sure about the coffee sleeves anymore. We'll see. So this week's list:
  • Type up/salvage the lit. review information for all articles
  • Towards that extent, collect all articles in one place
  • Go down to Denver to get CBC apostilled.
  • Send off apostilled CBC
  • Read Through the Looking Glass
  • Finish back of the The Dude sweater
  • Make mittens for Grandma before moving on to the rest of the sweater (I figure a piece of the sweater, then another mini-project, should keep me entertained.)
  • Spin a tuft
  • Read at least three books for thesis
Shorter list, but some of those are actually huge tasks. This may become a weekly thing until I move, or at least finish the lit. review stuff. I'm shooting for the end of June.

Because I really like having a picture of something on a post, I'm going to start sharing my years-old picture from my previous visit to Korea. I'll try to find the ones that have humorous explanations behind them, or at least a good story. For today, you get the only bathroom I decided to take a picture of (which, in Asia, shows a great deal of self-restraint.)

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