Wednesday, June 8, 2011

False Starts

The sweater is frustrating. I've had very little practice with stranded knitting, and my understanding was you're not really supposed to do it back and forth. At least not typically. But that's what this sweater calls for. So I'll have about 30 rows of easy, 10 rows of dragging, 30 rows of easy, 34 rows of dragging, etc. I'm only about 45 rows in.

The mittens for my grandmother have been tricky as well. I started the convertible mittens from Knitting New Mittens & Gloves. Yarn was too thin. Then I tried the Evenstar Gloves I found on Ravelry, and had the same general problem. Which means I finally tried searching for a more accurate weight of yarn for the pattern, and finally settled on Warm Heart Warm Hands mittens. I got there eventually. I do want to try the other two patterns at some point, but not today.

So, pending a call from my little sister saying she got her CBC, I'm going down to Denver today to get mine apostilled. (If she gets hers, I'll wait for her to come up so we can go down together.) Given that it's almost an hour on the bus each way, I need something to work on. The Dude sweater's too big, and the mitten might be more intensive than I want on a bus, since I get motion sick. I think I'll cast on for the Camden sleeves since it's all mindless in-the-round after the first four rows.

I'm feeling pretty lazy about pictures today, so I'll show off a fairly old, but still very well-used knit. I decided at some point a few years ago to make all of my friends personalized dice bags. We all play Role-Playing games (like Dungeons & Dragons, if you're not sure what that means.) With each of my friends, I have a specific character or game that I associate with them, because they have a particular preference for a group (clan, kith, etc.) with each game. So I made up a bunch of dice bags in various colors, mostly appropriate to the book covers--green is Vampire the Masquerade, by White Wolf--and embroidered them with an appropriate symbol. I still have three or four bags that I never day. This one is the one I made for my boyfriend; the symbol is for Clan Malkavian. They're crazy, and so is he. I've only seen him play a Malkavian once, and it was a subtle kind of crazy, but it still always seemed like his clan.

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