Saturday, May 28, 2011

March 18 Goals

Almost every year, someone in my family gets me a day calender for Christmas. And almost every year, I've stopped pulling off the dates by February and instead use it for scratch paper whenever I need some. Which is why on May 28, I am just now removing March 18. At least it's for this year.

I have until I leave the country to write a thesis proposal and literature review for said thesis. This gives me, at this point, three months to write maybe twenty pages. 20. I once wrote about 65 pages in three weeks, and still managed to knit in my free-time. It's a little tough to get myself moving on this process, despite the fifteen or so books I need to read in order to write the lit. review. If you include source books, about thirty. So I make lists on the months-passed day calender sheets. In one week (ie, by next Saturday), I hope to:
  • read Peter Pan
  • read Through the Looking Glass
  • read The Wizard of Oz
  • acquire and read Ozma of Oz
  • read at least three printed articles (but preferably everything printed)
  • write lit. review stuff for all articles (re)read
  • find articles about bildungsroman and women/girls (I was told very briefly in a class years ago that novels about girls cannot be considered a bildungsroman or coming-of-age/development novel. The intent of the genre is an escape from family and home. Girl's novels are about the submission to the family and home. Now I need to see if someone actually made this argument somewhere.)
  • spin a tuft
  • make at least 4 more coffee sleeves
  • check with Korea about documents by the end of the week, if not heard back
  • get boyfriend measured for tuxedo (for the wedding I made the shawl for)
  • buy yarn for a yoga bag for one friend, and appropriately sized needles for various upcoming projects
  • block and maybe actually complete one day Camden
So them's the plans. I will almost guaranteed add to the list, and have little expectation of finishing everything, but it gives me things to focus on. This may become a consistent listing if it seems to help.

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