Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Post and the Explanation

I've been contemplating starting a "knitting" blog for awhile. I use scare quotes because I don't intend to just talk about knitting by any means. Given where my life is right now and the various changes that are coming up, now seemed like a good time to start recording so that, even if no one else reads this with any regularity, I'll hopefully pay more attention in the coming year. If only to put it here.

So Unfinished. This actually came to mind a month or so ago while I was playing around with Ravelry. I realized that I had twenty projects that were started, at 90%, and only about two that were completely, 100% done. Unfinished: Because my knitting doesn't ever quite get there. Unfinished because that's what my schooling is. I'm leaving to go back to South Korea while I work on my Masters Thesis. Unfinished because that's what my time in SK was, apparently. And because I am, as yet, unfinished in figuring out what I'm doing, where I'm going, and what comes next.

So for anyone who starts here to decide if it's worth it to keep reading, this will be, among other things, a record of my knitting, my experiences preparing to go back to South Korea and my time there (I'll be leaving in August, so will probably talk more about it late July), my rants about research and hoops to jump through towards writing a thesis, and probably just whatever comes to mind. I'll try to tag accordingly in case someone wants just knitting.

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