Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brief Crafts

Knitting is an often time-consuming process. Few projects take hours, some take days, but many take weeks if not months. Especially if you're as destractable as I can be, and start multiple other projects in the meantime.

So occasionally I'll pick up something that is not knitting and will therefore hopefully take an hour tops. I sketch sometimes, and will very likely scan in some of my favorites sometime soon.

I've made these little contact-paper decorations for various places around the house that I share with several boys (I should call them men, as they are all older than me, but not a one seems more mature.) The eyes watch T.V., the cyborg above reads our refrigerator poetry. The samurai below was made for a friend who has since moved out, and I realized that it didn't quite fit the guy who took his place so well. So this:
became this:
in about 20 minutes of cutting and tracing. All images originate from Deviant Art, but have gotten lost in the ether since I got them; the last, drawn by Octobig, can be found here. (The original images used as outlines are not mine--if they belong to you and you want me to give acknowledgement/remove, please let me know.)

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